Why I'm Running


Steven Hall is committed to bringing the values of hard work and accountability that we know here in our communities to Beacon Hill. Steven Hall is committed to advancing a commonsense agenda:

Reduce taxes, fees, tolls, and surcharges that see the government taking more of our hard-earned money to fund an out-of-control state budget

Cut Runaway Government Spending by cracking down on waste, fraud and abuse, and removing line items that we don't need

Decrease Government Intrusion into our lives 

Support Working Families, reducing the need for working people to depend on services like Medicaid (MassHealth)

Promote Individual Choice on the principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Fewer Regulations that hurt job growth and hinder the ability of small businesses to thrive

Pursue Pro-Business Policies that create a climate that bring jobs to the commonwealth and the district

Fix Healthcare – Antiquated regulations, the threat of litigation, and ACA mandates are increasing costs, limiting individual choice, creating healthcare rationing, and pitting local government against the federal government

Support Legal Immigration while eliminating Sanctuary Cities and ensuring our local police have the tools they need to keep us safe from individuals convicted of violent crimes who are here illegally 

Preserve The U.S. constitution and Bill of Rights including our right to bear arms, our right to personal property, and our right to travel freely 

Equal Rights For All